We finally got to meet Thomas one of our partners and the owner of the Alton Premium Board Store in the Austrian Alps.
Thomas and his family came down to Hossegor to hang and surf, we hooked up for a coffee and had a chat.

Thomas Alton
Generations, family.


While Thomas and his family were surfing in Ericeira Portugal, he came across our coffee gig at Wave Gilders, Nic the owner has a really cool surf shop and is a great craftsman.

So, Thomas checked us out, got in contact and we are stoked the Alton family represent Sunday Collab.
We really like this story and part of our history, like-minded people and pretty cool how it all came about.


Our Taste of How the Mountains meet the Ocean

Thomas : “This is the story about our history and … how we got stoked about Sunday Collab.

We have our shop running since 1950… grandpa fled from south Tirol (now Italy) over the big glacier to Vorarlberg - Austria in 1948 He started as a shoemaker with a little shoe shop and my grandma behind the counter.

In 1995, I was 12 years old, I asked dad… - hey let’s make out of the sportswear corner a skate shop and snowboard gear with our own door.

His reply - ok let’s go (pretty cool guy my dad). So the Alton Premium-Board-Store was born.

Alton Snowboard vibe
Thomas in the park.


We as a family looking always on each other. Everyone of us has his part and area in the whole company & store.
I'm run the board-store, all the marketing and outdoor stuff. My sisters look after the employees, shoe and fashion area. Dad and mum are behind the scene (back office).

The Alton Premium Board store is famous for our parties, movie premieres, contest and the good stuff what we are offering - since day one. Why? We always try to do what we love, and put it into our business, day by day.

1999/2000 was the first year with our own snow park in Damüls, Vorarlberg – Park Design. Our snow park management was born. – Snow Park Damuels

It’s epic to run a snow park brahhh… it’s my second passion."

Carl, co-founder Sunday Collab with Nico from Wave Gliders and shaper Ryan Lovelace.
The boys and surfboards.


Alton Premium Board Store  WAVEGLIDERS


Check Thomas and Nic out, say hi from us!