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For founders Carl Wieser and Reid Pinder, SUNDAY COLLAB is more than just a café - it's a more holistic lifestyle that blends surf, beach & art. Born in Hossegor, South West France, they draw inspiration from their family, friends and the rhythm of life at the ocean. SUNDAY COLLAB is deeply committed to the protection of the environment. The grains come from direct relationships and fair trade with farmers. As the ocean is a source of inspiration, SUNDAY COLLAB is proud to support the Surfrider Foundation and Surfers Against Sewage.

Reid Pinder and Carl Weiser from Sunday Collab

The Tasting Room

Born in Hossegor on the South West coast of France the SUNDAY Coffee brand incorporates a surf/beach lifestyle theme and associates with all that is SUNDAY, surf, brunch, beach, fun. SUNDAY Coffee offers in 2 Blends, ‘The Original Blend” and “The Green Room Blend” the latter being “Rain Forest Alliance” certified. SUNDAY coffee is roasted in North Eastern Italy at the base of the Dolomites. Our coffee beans come from plantations worldwide. Découvrez et achetez nos cafés

Surf * Beach * Art

We are fortunate to know many extremely talented people. So it was only natural that we wanted to put art forward in our products, our logos and accessories. Art and crafts have always been great sources of inspiration, so we invite you to look at the "SUNDAYVILLE" page to discover artists, people who inspire us, their arts, their stories... in short, our friends.