Sunday Collab x Nick Pumphrey

Nick Pumphrey.

Absolutely love Nick’s eye, takes amazing photo’s, he captures the different moods that the ocean and beach bring to our lives.
Carl and I met Nick through the Estagnot carpark network of surfers and when he was hanging at “Le Surfing” then owned by his good mate Woodie, also a great surfer. He is back in his beloved Cornwall but I’m sure we’ll see him sooner than later back here in the line up. ― He has been part of our Sunday Collab family from day one and continues to be today, so easy going and makes it fun, the way it should be.



Reid & Carl, co founders of Sunday with Nick at his photo exhibition at Le Surfing, Estagnots. 

Nick Pumphrey; Surfer ― Photographer.

❛ A little history of my self, Born to a French mother and British father that met picking grapes in Bordeaux. Dad was camping out in his van surfing the beaches west of the infamous city of wine when Mum swung by for some weekend work. Fast forward some couple of decades and it was of absolute no surprise that I have been totally drawn to the SW coast of France, as of writing, this 'might' be the first year that I am not there which is a mental fusion of agitation and absolute calmness, I have since realised that the constant feeling of having to move is quite the inner stress and I am enjoying finding beauty and calm in my original homeland of St Ives, Cornwall.

During those years, pre covid life was all about those long sand banks of Seignosse, out front of 'Le Surfing' where i passed so many years of joy, meeting a plethora of epic souls with a common love of just living life simply and because it felt damn good. Woody Bouma and I ran those early years at the bar, live music and fancy dress were common, ten different nationalities worked with us, the vibe was so high as it still is today. Along those years I met Reid and Carl from and from that point slowly formed a cool little relationship as they moved from big surf corp to their own little creation at 'Sunday Collab', the move coincided with my personal move towards being more creative and a pursuit of Photography.

Highly caffeinated creative collaborations with the boys became common, stories told from the 70s and 80s surf were shared and I absolutely frothed on them, I would look forward to these tales as much as those warm afternoons out at South Esta where the twin fins n single fins would find there groove on those long beloved shapes created by the most perfect sand.

Today I'm back in Cornwall for now, the ocean is still my passion subject and I have been pointing the camera at it more often, it calms me and excites at the same time, i'm exploring different ways to present work, exploring different papers with dreams of larger format prints. I miss France but I know the time will come again and when it does I cannot wait to high line a couple of waves with the boys and girls of Estagnots backed up with a couple of cold beers and stories, I will absolutely relish that. ❜

║ Current project is at @holan.collective
║ Instagram @nickpumphreyphoto
║ New web with ocean art
A glimpse into his amazing work:

 Surfer: William Aliotti


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